Nadhra Shahbaz Khan



Director’s Note

The Gurmani Centre for Languages and Literature (GCLL) is a unique platform for promoting and celebrating all forms of culture that represent the people of Pakistan in particular, and of South Asia in general. Holding the vernaculars very close to its heart, the Center has made great progress over the past decade to reestablish several severed links with a number of tangible and intangible fields languages cultivate. From poetry and prose, drama, music and dance to calligraphy, paintings and photography, the Center has appreciated and showcased almost every artform. The credit for these achievements go to the Center’s former Directors and Co-Directors that include Yasmin Hameed, Ghulam Moeenuddin Nizami, Kamran Asdar Ali, and Bilal Tanweer—and the competent team members who have all added brilliance to its luster in their own unique ways.

As the GCLL’s Director for the next three years, I will be aiming at broadening its scope and opening its space for all forms of aesthetic activities informed by regional languages and literature. Working alongside the excellent team, I would like to develop the Center as an inviting avenue for students to express themselves in their native languages, a prestigious platform that brings together scholars representing different linguistic communities, and as a creative space that practitioners serving the art and heritage industries can delightfully make their own. I am sure the Centre and LUMS will soon be able to assert their presence as a hub of cultural and creative economy, both in Pakistan and the region.

Gwendolyn S. Kirk

Language Pedagogy Coordinator

My goal as Language Pedagogy Coordinator is of course to facilitate students and teachers in learning language, but also to develop curricular materials and pedagogy specific to Pakistani languages.

Fatima Fayyaz

Head of Publications

Gurmani Centre has the vision of publishing the literary works in Pakistan’s regional languages as well as Urdu, as publication in these languages needs more attention for developing a culture of unity and mutual understanding. In our publications, we intend to present a blend of modern and traditional scholarship with a focus on what has been marginalized in our existing publishing industry.

Nasir Abbas Nayyar

Editor-in-Chief of Bunyad

I want to take Bunyad beyond reductive binaries by introducing and adding new categories. While I believe in the value of traditional literary research, I also feel that it should take into account new areas of study.


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