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Title: Maharani Jindan

Classification: Oil painting

Artist(s): In the style of George Richmond (1809–1896)

Date: c. 1863

Dimensions: H. 80 in. x W. 44 in.

Museum number: S.M.92 (N.M.1961.372) 

Physical location: Section 5: Rani Jindan's Haveli

Collection: Princess Bamba Collection

Bibliographic Reference(s):
F. A. Khan, The Princess Bamba Collection Catalogue: Antiquities of Sikh Period (Lahore: Department of Archaeology, 1961), plate V (cat. no. 3).

F. S. Ijazuddin, Sikh Portraits by European Artists (Karachi: OUP, 1979), plate V.

[1]Peter Bance, “The Maharajah and His Faith,” in Paul Michael Taylor and Sonia Dhami, eds., Sikh Art from the Kapany Collection (California: Sikh Foundation, 2017), fig. 9.14. 

This oil painting shows Maharani Jindan (d. 1863), the youngest wife of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and the mother of Maharaja Duleep Singh. She is seen seated on a thick round cushion of red cloth woven in gold with dark green velvet borders. She is reclining against a bolster made of the same material. The painting is an unfinished work because the Maharani's jewellery and the area around her neck have not been coloured. Furthermore, other areas, such as the background, her clothes and her skin also lack the colour a finished oil painting should have.

There is no information regarding the artist or the date of this painting in the museum records or in The Princess Bamba Collection Catalogue. However, comparing this painting with the portrait of Maharani Jindan by the Victorian painter George Richmond in the Kapany Collection,[1] one can assume that it was either the work of the same artist or was based on the portrait by Richmond and is dated c. 1863.

Both the museum records and The Princess Bamba Collection Catalogue claim that the painting's setting is inside the Lahore Fort. It is difficult to ascertain whether this is true or not because the portrait in the Kapany Collection only depicts her face and upper torso.

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